Hi there!

The data has finally arrived! You can download and play with it. Or you can just go to the main page or read more about the project.

There are several options for you:

The actions are encoded as indices of this array:  ['NOOP', 'FIRE', 'UP', 'RIGHT', 'LEFT', 'DOWN', 'UPRIGHT', 'UPLEFT', 'DOWNRIGHT', 'DOWNLEFT', 'UPFIRE', 'RIGHTFIRE', 'LEFTFIRE', 'DOWNFIRE', 'UPRIGHTFIRE', 'UPLEFTFIRE', 'DOWNRIGHTFIRE', 'DOWNLEFTFIRE'], so 0 is 'NOOP', 1 is 'FIRE' etc.

Please cite the Atari Grand Challenge dataset as:

V. Kurin, S. Nowozin, K. Hofmann, L. Beyer, and B. Leibe. The Atari Grand Challenge Dataset. arXiv preprint arXiv:1705.10998, 2017.

In case you found a bug or just in trouble, email me vitaliykurin@gmail.com =)

P.S. Stay tuned. People keep playing and we get more data every day. We will update the dataset in the near future.